Half Page Ad in Brazos Business

Sale price $495.00 Regular price $695.00

Half Page (7" x 4.833")
Open Rate $695
5 Issue Agreement Rate per issue $495*

Includes Ad Consulting & Creation; Full Color Printing.

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*Important Details for Agreement Rate:

Easy payment options. When you choose to book at the 5 issue rate, you are only charged for the first issue. Subsequent issues will be invoiced with your ad proof. Paying for your first ad does not initiate any type of auto-draft for the duration of your ad agreement. You can setup auto-draft for future ads, pay by check, or pay by card online.

Lifetime low rate. If you like your ad, your response, and your rate... We'd like you to keep it. After the minimum number of issues for your agreement rate have run, you are not obligated to continue your ad and can cancel at any time. But, we are promising you that as long as you stay in, your rate will stay the same. Hopefully for many mutually profitable years to come. Your ad renews automatically issue-to-issue at the same low rate you locked in until you cancel. 

Easy to cancel. We hope it never happens, but: You always have the option to cancel your ad agreement at any time, even prior to the agreed number issues with 30 days written notice prior to the upcoming issue's deadline. You can simply pay the difference between the "open rate" per issue and the lower "agreement rate" for issues published. No penalty, just pay exactly what the rate would have been for a shorter run. If you have already run the number of ads specified in an agreement rate and are on a TFN basis, your only loss is your locked-in rate when you come back. There's no short-rate for issues after agreement minimum has been fulfilled.