Brazos VIP Magazine Delivers Results For One-Location, Suburban, Take-Out And Delivery Restaurant

Posted by David Flash on

When helping consult clients on their decision to start an advertising program in Brazos VIP Magazine, advertisers with one location near the North or South border of our distribution area will sometimes express concern that the ad will not deliver an ROI because of the "wasted" circulation we mail far from their suburban location.

They are right, the ROI from an ad mailing the best 25,000 family homes in Bryan and College Station would likely perform better for a more centrally located business near A&M or a business with several locations.

That said, an ad in Brazos VIP can be highly profitable even for such outlying businesses. The actual results for this single-location delivery and carry-out restaurant in a "far-out" suburban area of Bryan-College Station prove it:

While orders are still rolling in on a daily basis, results from their first 2 mailings are the following thus far:

From the first call on September 19 to November 5, the client got 59 call-ins (this does not count walk-in/dine in orders, just orders made through the tracking number in the ad).

53 of those call-ins were orders for carry-out or delivery.

Those orders have generated $1098 in sales for the client.